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Our Inspection Reports Reinforce the
Coastal Home Inspection Services Difference…


While the physical inspection of your prospective home is an important part of the inspection process, the reporting of the findings of the inspection is equally important. 

Coastal Home Inspection Services uses the best reporting software in the industry to provide you with a detailed analysis of the property inspected.


Resale Home Inspection

A resale inspection is designed for homebuyers who are purchasing
an existing home.  This inspection will examine over 300 critical structures,
components, and systems to ensure they are in proper working order 
before you take ownership of the home.

view sample inspection report 


Infrared Stucco Inspection

An infrared stucco inspection is a critical step in purchasing a home clad with
stucco siding.  While stucco provides a beautiful exterior, it can have a potential
for water intrusion.  The infrared camera sees through the exterior to try and
determine any problem areas needing further review.  

view sample inspection report


New Construction Home Inspection   *(Client Favorite)*

A new construction inspection of this type consists of "2" precisely timed

reviews of the property to find defects before they become difficult to identify
as well as just before closing when Buyers have the most leverage to get issues
repaired by the Builder.

Inspection 1 - (Pre-Drywall):  Just before the insulation and sheetrock are
installed, all structural aspects of the home are reviewed thoroughly.  These
items can then be repaired before they become concealed behind walls.

Inspection 2 - (Pre-Closing):  Just before closing, a full review of the property
is conducted to identify proper repairs from the first inspection as well as a
full review of all aspects of the home now that electrical/mechanical/ and
plumbing are functional.  

The New Construction Home Inspection is the "fastest" growing part of our
business and has been proven quite valuable for those building new homes 
during this past paced market.  (review the attached report and you will see why)


view sample inspection report


11-month Warranty Inspection

This inspection is performed "just prior" to the Builder’s Home Warranty period
expiration date.  The inspection focuses on all 300 critical structures, components,
and systems to ensure that everything is in proper working order before the home
warranty expires.  In addition to the inspection report, a "punch-list" of repair items
is generated for the homeowner to present to the homebuilder. 

view sample inspection report

Wind Mitigation Home Inspection


A Wind Mitigation inspection is a specialized inspection that focuses on structural
items deemed important to protect the home during high winds associated with
tropical storms.  Homeowners receive discounts off their insurance premiums based
on the presence of these items.  Only a SC Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector can
perform this inspection.  After the inspection, a form is sent to the homeowner’s
insurance carrier and they apply the appropriate discount.

This Inspection can result in "significant" saving on homeowner's insurance
premiums and is well worth the effort...


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