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We know a home is a very important purchase.  We also know that inspecting it fully and thoroughly is equally as important to ensure you are getting an accurate representation of the home's condition.

In order to properly quote you a price to inspect this very important asset, we will need to gather some background information from you first.

Items such as location, size, age of home, # of bedrooms/bathrooms, garages, other structures, etc. are all important considerations to ensure we are giving you the best inspection in the industry "and" quoting you the accurate amount up-front for the inspection.

Coastal Home Inspection Services prides itself on providing the Best Customer Experience in the industry.  That begins with fair and honest pricing (no surprises) and the most thorough home inspection possible...

  • No hidden add-on fees to surprise you later.

  • No consultation fee.  We gladly spend as much time with you as needed.

  • No "gold", "platinum" or other hokus-pokus packages designed to drive up the cost.

  • Simply the best, most thorough inspection to protect your investment!

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