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Polyethylene(PEX) / Polybutylene(PB) Degradation Study

This highly scientific study was conducted on both PEX (polyethylene) and PB (polybutylene) to compare the effects of heat, pressure, and chlorine on the longevity of the piping products.  PB (no longer used) was found to have a higher than expected failure rate, especially at the fittings, that ended its service life during the 1990's.  PEX, the current product widely used, is thought to have a more reliable service life.  However, as a newer product, time will determine if this plastic product will perform better than its predecessor PB.  We have highlighted certain areas of the article to draw attention to their significance. 

* Coastal Home Inspection Services provides information such as this as informative in nature but makes no representation of the author, methodology of the study, or the results contained herein.

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