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Our Team … when experience counts!

Keith Hutcheson - Owner/Inspector

20 years of home renovation and repair plus over 20,000 homes inspected is the successful recipe that has enabled Keith to become one of the most respected Home Inspectors in the area.  In addition to inspecting, Keith is an avid tennis player and hiker.

Jamie Hutcheson - Owner/Inspector

Jamie's many accomplishments include creating a successful home renovation business, a long-term rental company, and even obtaining a private pilot's license.  With over 10,000 homes inspected her uncanny attention to detail has enabled her to excel at everything she attempts and become one of the best Home Inspectors in the area.  

Michael O'Keefe - Inspector

The newest member of our team, Michael brings a wealth of experience with his background in electrical contracting.  In addition to inspecting, Michael is an avid skier and tennis player..

Benton Hutcheson - Office Manager

Benton is the happy voice on the other end of the phone that initially handles client inspection requests, schedules the process from beginning to end, and answers questions for our Realtor partners.  Without Benton, none of us would know if were coming or going!  In addition to managing our daily operations, Benton spends much of his spare time outdoors hiking in the beautiful mountains of Eugene, Oregon.

Jacqueline Malloy - Office Supervisor

With over 7 years experience managing all aspects of the inspection process workflow, Jacque is an integral part of the client/realtor experience that has made our system so efficient and seamless.  In addition to managing all of us, Jacque is kept quite busy taking care of her new twin boys!

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