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Specializing in homes of the Low Country.


​Over 20,000 homes inspected.















Who We Are


Coastal Home Inspection Services is the "premier" Home Inspection company in the Bluffton / Hilton Head area of South Carolina. 
After 18 years of service, 20,0
00 homes inspected, and 200,000 defects identified, we have protected thousands of home buyers


One of the most important parts of the homebuying process is ensuring that all structures, components, and systems are in good working order.  While most people feel that they "looked over" the home pretty well, there are many things that escape the untrained eye.  That's where we come in.  Our years of experience and training allow us to thoroughly inspect all aspects of your home purchase "before" you take ownership.  Our training is designed to protect your interests and make sure you are getting exactly the home you were expecting. 

Our underlying principle is simple, "inspect each and every home as if we were buying it ourselves."


To Order an Inspection:
Call Helaine, our Office Manager
(or use the "Order Inspection" link below if you prefer

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